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Zodiac Streaming

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Détails 4 mois écrit

Genre: Thriller

Réalisateur: David Fincher

Synopsis: Zodiac Streaming VF , Zodiac, the elusive serial killer who is raging in the late '60s and spreading terror in the San Francisco area, is America's Ripper Jack. Produced in encrypted messages, he sowed clues like so many white pebbles, and took pleasure in taunting the press and the police. He was responsible for thirty assassinations, but it was much more than that. Robert Graysmith, a young and shy cartoonist, has had the experience and relationships of his brilliant colleague Paul Avery, a criminal affairs specialist at the San Francisco Chronicle. Inspector David Toschi and his meticulous partner, Inspector David Armstrong. The Zodiac would no longer be the subject of his life, to which he held ten years of effort and two books of vertiginous precision ...

Avec: Jake Gyllenhaal, Mark Ruffalo, Anthony Edwards, Robert Downey Jr.

Date de sortie: 17 mai 2007

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